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**PLEASE NOTE:  Daycare is NOT boarding.  We are not a general boarding facility***


***Each dog must be evaluated through our Daycare Assessment process prior to booking to ensure that they are a good candidate for a daycare environment***

All dogs must be:

6 months or older,

35lbs or heavier,

Spayed/neutered, and up to date on vaccinations prior to their assessment date.

Our daycare service is offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We offer full curbside service for drop-offs and pick-ups!

Drop-off hours are 7-9am.

Pick-up is available from 4-6pm.

At Rediscover Your Dog, safety is our #1 priority!

Play is monitored and mediated at all times to maintain a safe daycare environment and ensure an enjoyable experience for every dog.

We also offer:

-A 28 dog limit to ensure safety and better monitoring of daycare activity

-Temperature-controlled indoor play during inclement weather

-Online booking through our App

-Pools, fans, and large shady areas during summer months

-Individual confinement/safe space for every dog in the event of a natural disaster

-Mid-day nap time to ensure that every dog gets the opportunity to have uninterrupted rest

-Peace of mind for daycare parents, knowing that every staff member is trained and knowledgeable in dog behavior and training. This gives us the ability to prevent issues and/or control any situation that may present itself in the daycare yard.

As a bonus, we teach your dog skills throughout the day every time they come to daycare! Every daycare dog learns how to walk with a loose leash to and from the car, doorway manners, kennel training, and the ability to give calm attention in order to access what they want, such as being let out into the daycare yard. If you are interested in joining daycare, please complete the form below and a member of our team will contact you to schedule an assessment!

Daycare pricing is $28 per day (per dog), and only full days are offered at this time.

We accept cash, check, card, and Venmo!

All daycare payments for the current week of attendance must be paid by 6:00pm every Friday.

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