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At Rediscover Your Dog we believe we can help unlock the potential of your dog to bring the best out of your relationship. With the right skills, dedication, and time nearly everything is possible. If you are ready to make a commitment to your best friend, we are ready to make a commitment to your success.

Please note our Cancellation Policy


Everything begins with an initial assessment. Through this assessment our trained staff will be able to recommend the right package for you based on the perceived temperament of your best friend, the goals you have for your life together, and the obstacles that may stand between you and your family's goals. If you will be bringing two dogs the initial assessment fee is $120. *You can not access a training package without an initial assessment.

Initial assessments are scheduled on Tuesday, Thursdays, and Saturdays and are approximately 1.5 hours long. Please note we will ask for a debit/credit card to put on file at the time of scheduling the assessment appointment.   You will not be charged unless you are a No Show.  You may choose to pay however you'd like on the actual day of your appointment.


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The seven lesson package capitalizes on the fundamentals and takes it one step further by adding in expanded skills such as better recall and stronger leash skills which will help you and your dog enjoy more activities out of doors.  Seven lessons also allows for our trainers to recognize more of your dog's unique drive instincts which can help them coach you with a more customized approach. (Two dog package rate is $735.)

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Taking place over the course of a year, the thirteen lesson package allows for the greatest opportunity for success for you and your pet. Whether a new or old relationship, thirteen lessons will allow our trainers to help you unlock the greatest potential for you and your dog. Thirteen lessons also provides the most accountability for you. It takes work to be a disciplined owner, so thirteen lessons ensures you also have the greatest opportunity for success.
(Two dog package rate is $1,365.)


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Once you and your dog have mastered the fundamentals, you may believe an off-leash e-collar would be beneficial to your pet's health and success, if so an eight  lesson e-collar package can be accessed.  This addition is not for every dog, so if you are interested in working with an e-collar you will want to discuss this opportunity with our trainers.
(Two dog package rate is $840)

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