These are one on one sessions where we help you with relationship building, dog handling and training techniques. This will help you to better communicate with your dog.  Over the course of several sessions, we will add distractions to proof the training in real world situations. We add in basic obedience skills to private lessons.


We teach basic obedience through private lesson packages. Throughout the course of the package, we bring in distractions to help proof the dog's training by providing real life experiences. 


There's probably nothing more important than teaching your dog to come when called. After basic obedience we can begin to teach your dog how to be reliable off leash. Going hiking, camping or just walking out of your front door and knowing your dog will stay with you without a leash is a nice feeling.


Our goal is to keep your dog in its home. We tackle any and all behavior problems through relationship consistency and structure. We deal with an array of problems: jumping, biting, destructive behavior, fence fighting, bolting out of the doors, thresholds and gates, fighting between multiple dogs in the home, integration of a new dog into the home, and teaching management skills to set new dogs up for success, etc.


This is exactly why I train dogs and is one of my favorite things to watch.  A lot of dogs miss out the chance to socialize and act naturally with their own kind. If your dog is leash reactive, has had a bad experience at the dog park, has been bitten, and has not psychologically recovered from a traumatic event, structured group socialization is exactly the way to build their confidence back up.


This is a nice option for people that would like to get a jump start on training but may not have the time. We require an initial assessment before deciding if day training is the right option for your dog.


Potential dogs are screened for acceptance into our daycare. Not all dogs are good candidates for daycare. We run a structured daycare allowing for dogs to socialize with other dogs. Behavior is closely monitored and precautions are in place to keep everyone safe,